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It can be hard to motivate yourself to see a counsellor. With hectic life schedules and various challenges that affect daily living, taking the time out to support your needs can be difficult to fit into your schedule. Online Counselling via Skype, instant messaging, telephone and email provide a convenient way to explore your struggles in an environment that remains comfortable and familiar to you. It is especially useful for those with physical challenges who would struggle to meet face to face. I work with clients ranging from youths to adults in various stages of life, and most people enjoy the benefits of having the space to adjust to the counselling relationship at their own pace. 

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I am an advocate for helping people see and engage with their unique existence in the world. Sometimes it's difficult to see the strengths we have, as we are more aware of our shortcomings. Our upbringing and life experiences shape our self -concept in conscious and unconscious ways. As a team, we will work together to unearth the experiences that have created a barrier in enhancing your self-esteem. No rush... it's all one step at a time.

              you are not


The most common theme I've experienced in my sessions, is people often feel no one can relate to the experiences that have happened to them or the things they've personally done. It's easy to judge ourselves and live in the guilt and shame of our experiences- this is a universal human condition. Together, I support and provide various tools to explore your feelings in a non-judgemental manner. All at your pace, with whatever you feel comfortable to share.


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